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Technical Analysis Online Course
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Course Overview

Technical Analysis Online course provides a lot of insights to Traders/learners to develop their own trading strategies that allign with their skill level,capital and financial goals using different chart patterns and indicators.

Investment and Trading in Financial market requires a lot of expertise and research.Given the volatile nature of market it is necessary to have every possible tool available for successful trading.Technical analysis is an effective methodology which  if understood well allows traders to be in their comfort zone in any kind of market environment.Our Technical analysis Online course  has been prepared after taking into account all types of market behavior.Technical analysis course will enable Traders/learners in taking confident trading decisions with respect to Intraday/positional trades.

On successful completion of program Traders/learners

  • Will be well versed in identifying market trends,opportunities,money management,discipline trading and last but not the least “How to read,use and make money out of Charts”.
  • Will get Industry recognized Certification from Us.
  • Will avoid mistakes commonly done by Traders.
  • Will become Professional.



Course Features

  • Lessons 25
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 5 week weeks
  • Students 23
  • Assessments Self
  • Categories

Course Curriculum

  • Basics of Technical Analysis  0/4

    • Methods of Analysis
    • Assumptions of Technical analysis
    • Technical analysis v/s Fundamental analysis
    • Types of Charts
  • Dow theory  0/1

    • Basics of Dow theory
  • Trendlines,Support,Resistance,Volume,OI  0/1

    • Basic concepts of Trendlines,Open Interest,Support & Resistance
  • Chart Patterns  0/1

    • Reversal and Continuation patterns
  • Gap theory  0/1

    • Basics of Gap analysis
  • Introduction to Indicators   0/4

    • Trend Indicators
    • Oscillators
    • Volume indicator
    • Volatility indicator
  • Introduction to Oscillators   0/6

    • MACD
    • Relative strength Index(RSI)
    • Stochastic Oscillator
    • Moving average
    • Bollinger Band
    • Commodity Channel
  • Behavioral Biases  0/7

    • Confidence Bias
    • Familiarity Bias
    • Anchoring
    • Loss Aversion
    • Herd Mentality
    • Recency bias
    • Choice paralysis

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